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P1mera juice and its health benefits

Pr1mera Juice is a refreshing FRUIT-VEGETABLE POWDER DRINK specifically created with 7 herbs plus CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor). A fantastic tasting beverage for people who rarely takes vegetables and fruits. Pr1mera Juice 7 herbs namely: MalunggayCarrotDahon ng SiliSpirulinaSaluyotBarleyTalbos ng Kamote and plus CGF also known as Power of 8.

What is the Power of 8?

The Power of 8 is a potent blend of herbs and raw nutrients to fill and supplement  specific biological requirements.

Herbs have been used for over 5,000 years. It contains compounded nutrients called phytochemicals which have been used for medicinal cures. Raw nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and proteins (amino acids) are “proven” elements of western medicine. Although the government controls claims of medical benefits emanating from herbal products, mainstream medicine studies these compounds to develop future medicines utilizing these herbs.

Whether it is western medicine of Herbalism, the Power of 8 merges both schools of thought anchored on the New Food Triangle which asserts that vegetables must constitute the largest portion of our daily diet.

***Note that this is solely for information and is not meant to replace professional medical care. Always consult a physician for questions regarding your health.

Pr1mera juice with the Power of 8 contains the following ingredients:

Malunggay (Molinga Oleifera)
·                    Improves blood pressure, blood sugar level and immune system
·                    Improves skin conditions and eyesight
·                    Protects the kidneys and liver
·                    Also beneficial for those with: Arthritis, Joint Pains, Ulcer, Headache & Migraine, Constipation, Diarrhea,        Malnutrition, Urinating Problems

Dahon ng Sili (Capsicum Frutescens)
·                    Enhances body metabolism; prevents blood clots
·                    An excellent expeller of poisons and toxins. It purifies the blood by its cleansing and purging effect
·                    Improves circulation by its stimulating properties
·                    Promotes healing and prevents infection with its anti-microbial properties
·                    Helps breakdown cholesterol deposits  in the body, thus reducing risk heart disease
·                    As a stimulant for the whole body, it aids in digestion, nervous system and circulation

Saluyot (Corchorus Capsularis)
·                    Known for its anti-ageing benefits that helps  reduce wrinkles and maintain youthful skin
·                    Controls blood pressure  and cholesterol  levels
·                    Helps strengthen bones and teeth
·                    Aids in lowering risks  of having asthma, cancer, diabetes and heart diseases
·                    Also a remedy for: Headache, Stomachache/ulcer, Arthritis, Urinary bladder problems

Talbos ng Kamote (Ipomoea Batatas)
·                    Strengthen the body’s immune system by protecting it from disease-causing bacteria
·                    Used as remedy to Dengue fever as it helps increase platelet counts
·                    Also beneficial for those with: Diabetes, Heart diseases, Cancer (colon and stomach). Bowel movement            problems, High blood pressure

Carrot (Daucus Carota)
·                    The beta-carotene in carrots is excellent in improving eyesight and helps prevent cancer
·                    Excellent source of vitamin A, which is required for healthy skin
·                    Reduces the risk of heart diseases, Lowers cholesterol and blood pressure
·                    Aids in strengthening  the colon, heart and lungs
·                    Also beneficial for those with: Gum diseases, Kidney, liver and gall bladder infection or disease, Colitis,          Ulcer, Alzheimer’s disease, Obesity problems, Urination problems

   Spirulina (Arthrospira Platensis)
·                    Used as food supplement to strengthen the immune system, the brain and the heart
·                    Helps combat cancer
·                    Relieves fatigue
·                    Capable of aiding in weight loss and lowering LDL or bad cholesterol level
·                    Reduces hair loss

Barley (Hordeum Vulgare)
·                    Its dietary fiber content improves digestion and strengthens the digestive system
·                    The minerals in Barley help prevent cancer, heart failure and formation of gallstones
·                    Barley fights Type 2 DiabetesAsthma, Arthritis and heart diseases
·                    Gives protection from post-menopausal breast cancer
·                    Effective in reducing LDL or the bad cholesterol level

CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor)
·                    Its detoxifying properties make it effective in cleansing the blood and body
·                    Helps improve digestion
·                    Regulates blood sugar level and lowers blood pressure
·                    Used to help battle cancer
·                    Also effective against ulcer, colitis, asthma and gastritis

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